Like a Swiss army knife, Cana Studio is versatile (while also being a resource you may want on a deserted island). Whether you're craving a humorous string of words ready to pull feeling out of any reader or looking to appeal to the visually stimulated, we've (I've) got you. Behind the computer, Cana offers graphic design (websites, logos, packaging design, brand development) and online marketing (social media and email management). In 3D, I come alive for art direction, interior design and photography. Any of our (my) SHOP items are available for wholesale. Contact me for a cup of coffee and we'll get started!

Onto other important things. The name, "Cana Studio." I know. Where did that come from? I'll tell you. In an effort to collect my freelance projects under a title more stable than my own, I solicited suggestions. No big surprise, my sister pulled through when she threw out Cana (Cane-ah). It was different. It was simple. It was four letters (balanced, clean logo).  Most importantly, the name had meaning. As told by my sister and confirmed by Google, Cana is the site of Jesus' first miracle in the bible (water into wine - yes!). And while I'm not planning on performing any miracles of my own (just kidding, I am), it felt perfect for many reasons that I will save for a blog post (I don't have a blog). Let your imagination run wild!

FULL DISCLOSURE: The addition of "studio" does not mean that my studio is anything more than the coffee shop / grandma's basement / kitchen table that I'm currently working from. CANA without studio is the abbreviation for Cremation Association of North America. Almost enough to make me think of another name. Almost. Instead, add studio. Still perfect.

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